• #SelfCoaching - Two ways you hurt yourself psychologically On July 21, 2018


    You hurt yourself psychologically either by omission or by commission. With omission you are a passive victim of the neurotic forces of insecurity that influence

  • #SelfCoaching - What's going on with parents today? On July 19, 2018


    I was jogging by the little league field in my neighborhood and noticed this sign:

    To all fanatical parents:

  • #SelfCoaching - Self-Coaching formula for a successful happy life On July 18, 2018


    1.) Don't be afraid of change
    2.) Give no more than your best effort--and no less
    3.) Become an opportunist, discover what

  • #SelfCoaching - Stop calling it work On July 14, 2018


    I built a stone wall in my garden, it was hard, sweaty work, but I enjoyed every moment of it. In my younger days I worked in construction, it was hard, sweaty work and I suffered through every moment. In li

  • #SelfCoaching - What's that? You don't have enough time to take better care of yourself? On July 11, 2018

     Liar, liar, pants on fire!


  • #SelfCoaching -- Time to stop playing mind games On July 9, 2018


    Want to minimize or eliminate regrets in your life? If so, then it's time to develop a bit of critical awareness to see how you become compromised by mind games, which ar

  • #SelfCoaching - Anxiety and depression don't just happen On July 7, 2018


    Anxiety and depression don’t just happen, they are the end result of a significant and chronic loss of control caused by one or more of the following:&nbs

  • #SelfCoaching - Why you should top asking "why" you're suffering On July 5, 2018

    Trying to look back into your childhood in order to figure out "why" you're prone to anxiety or depression can often lead to an endless dissection the past. From a Self-Coaching

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