• #SelfCoaching's ABC Technique to eliminate Worry and Anxiety On September 21, 2017

    Ruminative, worrisome thinking can lead to emotional friction, unwanted stress, anxiety, and depression. This simple ABC technique will teach you how to liberate yourself and your life from the burden of worry.

  • #SelfCoaching - Why Bumble bees shouldn't be flying On September 20, 2017

     Bumble bees are not supposed to fly. Their body weighs too much and their wingspan is too short. Thank goodness the bumble bee doesn't know these facts. What are the supposed "facts" that are holding you

  • #Thin From Within - Fighting off food cravings On September 20, 2017


    When you get caught up in a murky haze of a compulsive urge to eat destructively, no one has to tell you how easy it is to allow yourself to cave in

  • #SelfCoaching -- Learning to embrace effort--not outcome On September 18, 2017


    Whether or not you’re a perfectionist or simply too hard on yourself, no matter what you say or think, you can never give more than your best effort (How can you possibly do better than yo

  • #SelfCoaching - Time to reprogram your mind's GPS On September 17, 2017


    My wife and I were not familiar with how to get back to New Jersey from our friend’s home on Long Island, so we set up our GPS, clicking "

  • #SelfCoaching - Do you lack will? On September 16, 2017

     It's been said that the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength or knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” From a Self-Coaching perspective no one actually lacks &ldquo

  • #SelfCoaching - Worrying: the art of making mountains out of molehills On September 15, 2017

    Ever notice how silly someone else's worry seems to you? How many times have you told someone to stop making mountains out of molehills? Unfo

  • #SelfCoaching - What causes depression? On September 11, 2017


    The exact cause of depression is unknown. What is known is that there are some common factors that may actuate depression and depressive symptoms. T

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