• #SelfCoaching - Stop living in fear On January 30, 2019


    Meteorites occasionally hit the earth, but you don't go around wearing a hard hat. Live your life, stop anticipating chaos. If you must ask another, "What-if" question, try this on for size, &q

  • #SelfCoaching - Do you have adequate self-trust? On January 30, 2019


    Insecurity attempts to prepare you for anticipated chaos. This is what we commonly refer to as worrying. After all, you don’t worry about things going right

  • #SelfCoaching - Are you thinking yourself into depression or anxiety? On January 29, 2019


    When we think of the brain, we think of a physical organ. When we think of the mind, especially our thoughts, we think of…well, what? And herein lies the r

  • #SelfCoaching - Are you a bit too compulsive? On January 28, 2019

    Whether it’s your bedtime ritual each night, your shower in the morning, or brushing your teeth, we all have repetitive habits that we might loosely call “compulsive.” These habits

  • #SelfCoaching - The problem with being a worrier On January 27, 2019


    Okay, so maybe you’re prone to worrying or maybe you might even call yourself a worrywart, and maybe preparing for the worst doesn’t sound so terrible

  • #SelfCoaching - Learning to Coach Yourself – with Dr. Joe Luciani (radio interview) On January 26, 2019





  • #SelfCoaching - Okay, so what’s so terrible about worrying? On January 26, 2019


    For most people, worrying now and then is innocent enough, oftentimes driven by legitimate and challenging life circumstances. However, if your worrying becomes m

  • #SelfCoaching - DIETS DON'T FAIL, WE DO! On January 25, 2019


    Listen to Dr. Joe Luciani discuss how to get beyond dieting to lifelong weight mastery


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