• Want to live a happier life? Then learn the difference between "want-tos" and "have-tos On March 7, 2017

    Want to live a happier life? Then learn the difference between "want-tos" and "have-tos"

    Listen to Dr. Joe read an excerpt from audio ve

  • #ThinFromWithin - Why "mind-tasting" is ruining your diet On March 7, 2017


    When it comes to certain comfort foods, your brain has been imprinted with food memories. These memories evoke what might best be described as a kind

  • #SelfCoaching - Resolving Relationship Conflicts On March 7, 2017


    If you find your relationship struggling or simply limping along, you might be interested these three tips from my book, Reconnecting:


    Compromise, take turns, and agr

  • #ThinFromWithin - Destructive eating: how we excuse ourselves On March 6, 2017

    Although the fictions that cause us to "slip" on our diet are often emotional (i.e,. you “feel” such-and-such is true), we also create fictions based on another form of excuse: rationalizations (i.e., “I’ve been good all day, this one piece of cake wo

  • #SelfCoaching - In a hole? On March 6, 2017


    Will Rogers once quipped, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” When facing any life challenge, allowing worrisome doubts, fears, or negatives to spin endlessly is a surefire way of digging your way into an anxiety attack or a even a depression. Ma

  • #SelfCoaching - Why you need to stop asking "why" On March 5, 2017


    If your life is a struggle, you don't need to spend ten years in analysis trying to figure out if your potty training was too strict or too lenient. From a Self-Coaching perspective, you don't need to know where, when, how or why your problems began.

  • #ThinFromWithin - Is Indulging Worth the Gamble? On March 5, 2017


    There's an avalanche of research evidence that demonstrate that certain highly palatable foods can become addictive. The proverbial $64,000 question for you is whether or not you will need to abstain from certain toxic, addictive foods for the rest of your life? I&rsq

  • #SelfCoaching - You can't? Who are you kidding? On March 4, 2017


    Ever hear yourself saying, "I can't?" "I just can't lose weight." Or, "I simply can't stop worrying." Buying into the "can't" ploy gets you off the hook by excusing you from action. If you can convince yourself that

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