• #anxietydepressionselfcoaching - Is it possible that anxiety and depression are habits--habits of insecurity? On June 16, 2019


    Through repeated actions (including repeated emotional reactions such as ruminative worrying), various “habit-loops” are cr

  • #anxietydepressionselfcoaching - When confronted with life's challenges there's a simple 3-step, Self-Coaching strategy that will help: On June 15, 2019


    1.) do the best you can


    2.) never, ever, criticize your efforts

  • #anxietydepressionselfcoaching - Do you know the difference between neurotic and normal worrying? On June 14, 2019


    Neurotic, a favorite word of psychologists, is a term that can lead to some confusion. From a Self-Coaching perspective neurotic worry-

  • #AnxietyDepressionSelfCoaching - Why your dreams are important On June 13, 2019



    Did you know that everyone dreams, every night? This is a biological fact. We know from dream research that during the course of the night th

  • #SelfCoaching - Self-Coaching's ABC Technique to eliminate Worry and #Anxiety On June 12, 2019


    Ruminative, worrisome thinking can lead to emotional friction, unwanted stress, anxiety, and depression. This simple ABC technique will teach you how to liberate yourself and your


    I frequently re-post this video to acquaint newcomers to my Self-Coaching approach to eliminating emotional struggle.

  • #SelfCoaching - Stop thinking about changing On June 11, 2019


    Try this experiment. While staring at a pencil, try to move it with your mind. Do this until you become convinced that, try as you might, the pencil just isn't going to budge&m

  • #SelfCoaching - Do you know the difference? On June 10, 2019

    Question: what's the difference between having a happy, successful life and having an unhappy, frustrated life? Answer: One is a life of commission, the other omission. You're either doing or you&#

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