• #SelfCoaching - Why you shouldn't say "I should" On February 2, 2018


    "Should" statements evoke a sense of guilt and failure, "I should be a better daughter," "I should be more successful,"

  • #SelfCoaching - Do You Have An Avoidant Personality? On February 1, 2018


    In my books I refer to people who try to side-step or avoid life and life challenges, as Turtles. When life becomes threatening, turtles (actual tur

  • #SelfCoaching - Life, keeping it simple On January 31, 2018


    I was working with a patient recently who lamented, "Nothing I do matters." What about you? Do you feel like your days are a meaningless sh

  • #SelfCoaching - Do friends ever disappoint you? If so, check out this article I wrote for the New York Daily News On January 29, 2018

  • #SelfCoaching - "Switching" off emotional struggle On January 28, 2018


    A few years ago, I installed a light switch incorrectly. Instead of flipping the switch up to turn on the light, you had to flip it down. Rather than

  • #SelfCoaching - Don't be "addicted" to emotional struggle On January 26, 2018


    Anxiety and depression may not be addictions, but addiction-like, they are capable of becoming entrenched habits that mold and shape your emotions, your chemistry, and your actual brain structur

  • #SelfCoaching - Understanding a chronic, depressed mood On January 25, 2018


    The essential feature of a persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia) is the length of time the symptoms have persisted. If you’ve experienced

  • #SelfCoaching - Letting go of anxious thinking On January 24, 2018


    Most anxious people who get caught up worrisome, ruminative thinking are simply trying too hard to “figure out” how to stop the spinning.

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