• #Thin From Within - Why you need to keep a food journal On June 20, 2017


    When it comes to winning the weight loss war, Monday-morning quarterbacking is actually a good thing especially if you’re using a journal (FYI: studies show that people who use a food journal lose twic

  • Self- #Coaching - An amusing lesson about being stuck On June 20, 2017


    There once was a monastery that imposed a very strict vow of silence. It was so strict that the monks were allowed to speak only two words every ten years.

  • #Thin From Within - Pessimism, the enemy of weight loss On June 19, 2017


    In a sense, pessimism is an attempt to protect you from you. When this happens, you try to bubble-wrap your life, anticipating negativity, cowering

  • Self - #Coaching - Self-Coaching basics: On June 18, 2017


    1. Everyone has a legacy of insecurity which is the fuel for all emotional struggle. Insecurity is a habit, and any habit can be broken. Remove the "fuel" of insecurity and struggles begin to fade. 
    2. Thoughts precede feelings, anxieties and depres

  • #Thin From Within - Don't kid yourself, you never have to be a victim of destructive eating On June 18, 2017


    When it comes to destructive eating, you can only be a victim if you allow yourself to be victimized by your compulsions, cravings, or indulgences. To be empowere

  • Self-#Coaching - Why you need to risk trust On June 16, 2017

     Most people confuse vulnerability with insecurity. The difference is simple but crucial. For starters, vulnerability is a fact of life, insecurity isn’t. Protecting yourself from vulnerability makes

  • #Thin From Within - Losing weight? Are you ready to admit there is no magic? On June 16, 2017

    When I was preparing the manuscript for Thin From Within, a colleague told me she had reservations about whether it would sell

  • #Thin From Within – Being smarter than your hunger pangs On June 14, 2017


    There’s no question that you can still lose weight without knowing a thing about the biological causes of hunger and satiety (the feeling of fullness), but

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