• #SelfCoaching - Time to "illuminate" your emotional struggles On January 16, 2019


    As we progress though the cold dark days of winter, I noticed something different this morning as I looked out over the crystal-glazed, frigid lawn, everything was…well, different. Different in that everything was brighter, less blue-tinted with more color

  • #SelfCoaching - Want a happier life? Why you shouldn't listen to the weather forecast On January 15, 2019


    Weather forecasting is a metaphor for our current lives. When I was growing up, you rolled out of bed only to be surprised by a rainy or sunny day, now, at least

  • #SelfCoaching - How not to let winter get you down On January 14, 2019

    For many, the low light, winter months are indeed quite a challenge, which is why I wanted to help you understand why the low-light months of winter may actually be

  • #SelfCoaching - Tired of being anxious? Worrying? Try this. On January 13, 2019


    My grandmother used to say, "You can’t stop a bird from flying into your hair, but you don’t have to help it build a ne

  • #SelfCoaching - An in-depth interview discussing how Self-Coaching can alleviate emotional struggle and suffering On January 12, 2019

  • #SelfCoaching - Feeling stuck? Here’s an amusing story with an important lesson: On January 11, 2019

    There once was a monastery that imposed a very strict vow of silence. It was so strict that the monks were allowed to speak only two words every ten years. 

  • Self-Coaching's ABC Technique to eliminate Worry and Anxiety On January 10, 2019

    Ruminative, worrisome thinking can lead to emotional friction, unwanted stress, anxiety, and depression. This simple ABC technique will teach you how to liberate yourself and your life from the burden of worry.


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  • #SelfCoaching - What stops you from achieving your goals? On January 10, 2019

    What exactly is the resistance that keeps us from taking charge of our lives and realizing our intentions? As complex and multifaceted as the answer to this query may be, one way or another it all boils dow

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