• #SelfCoaching - Nighttime worry thoughts On October 4, 2018

     Ever wonder why the dark thoughts you have at three in the morning and nothing like your thoughts at three in the afternoon? Has to do with giving insecurity too much room to roam around in your mind.

  • #SelfCoaching - Life got you down? Here are 3 ways to overcome feeling powerless On October 2, 2018

    Check out this article I wrote for the NY Daily News:



  • #SelfCoaching - Separation Anxiety: Leaving for College On September 30, 2018

    Separation Anxiety: Leaving for College

    This was an interview I did with Jennifer Cerbasi at CHILDREN'S HEALTH

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  • #SelfCoaching - Fear of getting older On September 30, 2018


    Depending on your age you might, as I did in my youth, see getting older as a negative. Whatever your age, you should know that age doesn't change you, not really. Of course, the body reacts differently

  • #SelfCoaching - Everything in life changes—everything! On September 29, 2018


    Even our Milky Way galaxy is slowly slipping into a massive black hole, but no need to worry, we have 1 nonillion (1 following by 24 zeros) years left. Since we can’t stop change, rather than being a m

  • #SelfCoaching - To be happy one must practice being happy On September 29, 2018


    One thing I’ve learned from my studies in neuroplasticity (i.e., how learning changes the anatomy of the brain) is that in order to change a brain-habit you must practice a new behavior (being happy, f

  • #SelfCoaching - Beware of labeling yourself On September 28, 2018


    People mercilessly label themselves as “failure,” “loser,” “weakling,” and so on. Unfortunately, we wind up identifying with these labels and they become a self-fulfilling

  • #SelfCoaching - Yes you can! On September 27, 2018

    Ever hear yourself saying, "I can't?" "I just can't lose weight." Or, "I simply can't stop worrying." Buying into the "can't" ploy gets you off the hook by

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