• #SelfCoaching - Why you need to change your perspective On November 29, 2018


    As we approach the winter solstice the darkest day of the year, all I hear from patients, friends, and family, is a collective, “I

  • #SelfCoaching - Remembering the Sears Catalog On November 28, 2018

    I was reminiscing this morning, recalling that as a child in the 1950’s we had our own version of 

  • #SelfCoaching - Be sure to sign up for my free Self-Coaching newsletter On November 27, 2018


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  • SelfCoaching - How negative thought patterns can lead to #anxiety and #depression On November 27, 2018


    In this interview, Dr. Joe Luciani discusses how negative thought patterns and habits of insecurity can lead to anxiety and depression. Learn effective strategies that coach, motivate, and empower you to break these destructive patterns and find happiness.

  • #SelfCoaching - 5 reasons you're #depressed On November 24, 2018


    The exact cause of depression is unknown. What is known is that there are some common factors that may actuate depression and depressive

  • #SelfCoaching - Learning about stress from #BlackFriday On November 23, 2018


    Well, it's Black Friday and I'm sitting home relaxing, glad to be content with not finding any deals today. In the spirit of the

  • A #SelfCoaching Thanksgiving Day message On November 22, 2018


    I often mention an assignment I had in grad school to decide what we wanted our tombstone to read. I chose, "I'd rather be read

  • #Thin From Within -THE THREE ENEMIES OF WEIGHT LOSS (video) On November 21, 2018


    Understanding how harmful emotions, adverse circumstances, and destructive habits can sabotage your weight loss efforts.



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