• #SelfCoaching - Why you need to stop complaining! On September 1, 2018

    Try this, stop complaining for one day. The difference in your mood may shock you. Stop complaining for a week and difference in your life will astound you.


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  • #SelfCoaching - If you're a multi-tasker, beware! On August 31, 2018

    Our hectic, high pressure world seems to reward multi-taskers. There is, however, a down size to squeezing more and more into your day-to-day life. Multi-taskers are prone to inhe

  • SelfCoaching - What's the difference between feeling vulnerable and feeling insecure? On August 30, 2018


    Most people confuse vulnerability with insecurity. The difference is simple but crucial. For starters, vulnerability is a fact of life, insecurity i

  • #SelfCoaching - Getting the most out of life On August 28, 2018

    Want to get the most out of your life? If so, then it's time to start living the here-and-now life that's in front of you rather then ruminating about yesterday's mishaps or tomorrow's what-ifs.


    Whether it'

  • Thin From Within: Chapter One (complete and unabridged) What You Need to Know About Weight Mastery On August 28, 2018




  • #SelfCoaching - Want happiness? Try this Self-Coaching power exercise. On August 27, 2018


    Regardless of your current belief or struggle, periodically during the day practice allowing yourself to believe that everything you need to have a

  • SelfCoaching - What say you? On August 26, 2018


    The optimist says, “I can.” The pessimist says, “I can’t.” The doubter says, “I’m not sure.” The optimist finds a way to succeed, the pessimist a



    Understanding how harmful emotions, adverse circumstances, and destructive habits can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

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