• #SelfCoaching - Life isn't a conspiracy trying to frustrate you On July 3, 2018


    I was working with a patient the other day who told me the reason he was depressed was because of his ongoing bad luck. No doubt that sometimes it feels like life's circumstances conspire to hold us back. Truth is,

  • #SelfCoaching - Too much thinking, not enough doing On June 30, 2018


    Thinking and doing. Two words as far apart as lightning and a lightning bug. How many times have you “thought” about getting in shape or losing weight, only to go on incessantly thinking without

  • #SelfCoaching - Can't stop worrying? On June 29, 2018


    Are your thoughts consumed with what’s going to happen later? Tomorrow? Next week? If so, you’re what I call a “time-traveler.” A secure, trusting person lives for today. The insecur

  • #SelfCoaching- What kind of day to you want to have today? On June 28, 2018


    Starting today, regardless of what goes on around you, recognize that you and you alone make the decision as to what kind of day it will be. Focus on what's

  • #SelfCoaching - What are your aims? On June 26, 2018


    There’s a saying that goes: “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” The longer you do nothing about what you want out of life

  • #SelfCoaching - Handling adversity On June 25, 2018


    As the saying goes, “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” When challenged by the winds of adversity it makes no sense to waste time lamenting life’s difficult circumsta

  • #SelfCoaching - Just How Powerful is your mind? On June 24, 2018


    When I was in graduate school, I saw a film of a subject who was in a state of deep hypnosis. He was told that he was about to be burned by a cigarette. The hyp

  • #SelfCoaching - Beware shabby thinking! On June 23, 2018


    Although one negative thought isn’t going to make a difference, ruminative, negative thinking has a cumulative, mind-body effect eventually contributing to what we call a “mood,” if not th

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