• #SelfCoaching - What's holding you down? On December 16, 2016

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  • #SelfCoaching - Finding meaning in life doesn't have to be complicated On December 15, 2016


    I was working with a patient recently who lamented, "Nothing I do matters." What about you? Do you feel like your days are a meaningless shuffle without merit or purpose? And yet, who's to say that washing dish is any less important that building a bridge or

  • #ThinFromWithin - Want to lose weight? Stop eating like a "child" On December 14, 2016


    When it comes to destructive eating, we have many "voices." There’s the voice of compulsion: I have to have chocolate! The voice of impulse and addiction: I must have that chocolate! The voice of recrimination: I can’t believe I ate that chocolate. T

  • #SelfCoaching - Worry: making mountains out of molehills On December 14, 2016


    Ever notice how silly someone else's worry seems to you? How many times have you told someone to stop making mountains out of molehills? Unfortunately, if worry has become your reflex, your habit of mountain-making is what you do best. And when you're making worry

  • #ThinFromWithin - Is there a secret to losing weight and keeping it off? On December 12, 2016


    Depending on the study you read, anywhere from 65 to 95 percent of diets eventually wind up failing. There can be no conclusion other than the fact that dieting alone just isn’t the answer. It’s not whether you can lose the weight (most diets accomplish this t

  • #SelfCoaching - Love and infatuation, apples and oranges On December 12, 2016


    I was working with a man recently who wanted to leave his wife because of a head-over-heels office romance. Throughout the session he kept telling me how much he "loved" this woman. When I asked how long he knew this person, he replied, "Not that long, she

  • #SelfCoaching - Here's a quiz to help determine the quality of your life On December 11, 2016


    How would you describe the quality of your life?  Worry, avoidance, rumination, compulsivity, even anxiety or depression, are "habits" of insecurity that erode our lives and the possibility for happiness. When insecurity has its foot in the door, you become

  • #ThinFromWithin - DIETS DON'T FAIL, WE DO! On December 10, 2016


    Listen to Dr. Joe Luciani discuss how to get beyond dieting to lifelong weight mastery




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