• #SelfCoaching - The case for Self-Coaching as a treatment for emotional struggle On January 25, 2019


    Think of a bicycle wheel where each of the spokes represent one of the many different psychological approaches to choose from: analytic, psychodynamic, dialectica

  • #SelfCoaching - Why our lives collapse On January 23, 2019


    Think of a stack of coins, each coin representing a life experience. As the stack grows, if you add a bent coin or two, or three, what happens? The

  • SelfCoaching - The importance of perspective in life On January 22, 2019


    Here's a poem by Rose Milligan that everyone can benefit from. Read through this poem and when you’re done, see if what’s at “stake” (

  • #SelfCoaching - When it comes to losing weight beware of diets that claim you can eat "all your favorite" foods On January 21, 2019


    As anyone who has ever turned away from a Venetian dessert cart knows, discomfort is learning to live with the word no.



  • #SelfCoaching - The dangers of a co-dependent parent On January 21, 2019


    This past fall I ran a 5K race and as I was passing a father with a young boy, perhaps seven or eight years old. The boy was crying hysterically, trying to tell h

  • #SelfCoaching - When challenges confront you On January 20, 2019


    When confronted with life's challenges there's a simple three-step, Self-Coaching strategy that will help:


  • #SelfCoaching - I had a normal childhood, so why am I depressed and anxious? On January 19, 2019

    Check out this article I wrote for the NY Daily News


  • #SelfCoaching - Two ways you hurt yourself psychologically On January 18, 2019


    You hurt yourself psychologically either by omission or by commission. With omission you are a passive victim of the neurotic forces of insecurity that influence

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