• #SelfCoaching - Time to get your life in control On September 27, 2018


    Human beings hate being out of control. That’s why getting the bills done, getting some exercise, losing weight, resolving conflicts, etc., makes us feel great. The opposite is also true, postponing ou

  • #SelfCoaching - Are you a storm chaser? On September 26, 2018


    Morris West got it right when he said, “If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never see the sunshine.” How many “sunshine” days have you sacrificed worrying

  • #SelfCoaching - Why you need to stop looking for happiness On September 25, 2018


    If you’re looking for happiness you may never find it! Genuine, lasting happiness isn’t something you find—it’s something you release! Our natural, unencumbered state is to be happy,

  • #SelfCoaching - Don't fall into the anxiety/depression habit On September 24, 2018


    Through repeated actions (including repeated emotional reactions such as ruminative worrying), various “habit-loops” are created in your brain. And wi

  • #SelfCoaching - Why you need to value your "dash" years On September 23, 2018


    I saw a tombstone the other day. On the stone was inscribed the years: 1920 – 1999. To me neither the birth (1920) nor the death (1999) mattered much. What mattered was the dash inscribed between these

  • #SelfCoaching - When it comes to emotional struggle, stop "nest building!" On September 22, 2018


    My grandmother used to say, "You can’t stop a bird from flying into your hair, but you don’t have to help it build a nest." When it comes to doubts, fears, or negative thinking, you may

  • #SelfCoaching - Building "mind" muscle On September 21, 2018


    Like your body, your mind requires proper exercise. Like doing reps at a gym, every time you fight off a doubt, fear, or negative thinking and replace it with hope, courage, or self-trust, you're develop

  • #SelfCoaching - It might be time for some action On September 20, 2018


    Try this experiment. While staring at a pencil, try to move it with your mind. Do this until you become convinced that, try as you might, the pencil just isn'

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