• #SelfCoaching - Take a minute On April 18, 2018

     Today you have been gifted with 1,440 minutes. Will you take at least one of these minutes to be thankful for the 1,439 minutes of opportunity that await you?

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  • #SelfCoaching - Becoming more resilient On April 16, 2018


    Someone who is resilient is able to recover and adjust easily to misfortune or change. In order to become more resilient, you need to practice letting go of doubts, fears and negatives. Letting g

  • #SelfCoaching - No more excuses On April 15, 2018


    Some excuse themselves by believing they "can't" succeed. Others simply bury their heads in the sands of denial. Truth is, most unsucce

  • #SelfCoaching - When fears become anxieties On April 14, 2018


    Fear is an instinctual response to danger (real or imagined). When the danger is real, fear mobilizes our resources to protect us from harm. And this

  • #SelfCoaching - How do you define success? On April 12, 2018


    The last marathon I ran had 27,000 runners. Of the 27,000 there were two winners—one male, one female. Technically, that would mean there were 26,998 losers! Yet, everyone who crossed the f

  • #SelfCoaching - Consider this On April 10, 2018


    In your lifetime you can expect your heart to beat 2.5 billion times, take six hundred million breaths and witness twenty-seven thousand sunrises. Yet no matter how wealthy or powerful you becom

  • #SelfCoaching - Are you a wheelbarrow? On April 9, 2018


    Ever hear the expression that, “Some of us are like wheelbarrows, only useful when pushed and easily upset.” If you’re waiting to be pushed by someone else, by outside circumsta

  • #SelfCoaching - How do you handle difficult challenges? On April 8, 2018


    Neitzsche almost got it right when he wrote, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” For some, difficult life challenges only open the door to further chaos and resignation.

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