• #Thin From Within - Feeling undisciplined with your diet? On June 13, 2017

    Regardless of how weak or undisciplined you feel, the truth is, you can handle you! This is what maturity is all about—you handling y

  • Self-#Coaching - Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow. On June 13, 2017

    Why, you may ask, should you not put trust in tomorrow? Because tomorrow is and will always be a concept, there is only today...only now. W

  • #Thin From Within - Losing Weight: Why You Should Consider Using a Journal On June 12, 2017


    Perhaps the single-most important reason for keeping a journal is the issue of accountability. You’ve probably heard the expression that “the road to h

  • Self-#Coaching - Beware of Labels On June 12, 2017


    People mercilessly label themselves as “failure,” “loser,” “weakling,” and so on. Unfortunately, we wind up identifying with these labels and they become a self-fulfilling

  • #Thin From Within - Re-framing Your Relationship with Food On June 8, 2017


    It was Socrates who said, “Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.” Do you find yourself existing meal to meal, snack to snack? Are you consumed wi

  • Self-#Coaching - Motivation On June 8, 2017

    Want a working, Self-Coaching definition of motivation? It's the moment you believe, with all your heart, that you "can." This becomes the moment you unleash your en

  • #Thin From Within – Hot dogs and my clogged artery On June 7, 2017


    I have a partially blocked artery that is fortunately being controlled through my diet and exercise (no more marathons, but plenty of 5K races). I do have a horri

  • Self-#Coaching - Let go, let god On June 6, 2017


    If you've followed my Self-Coaching blogs, you'll often hear me quote adage borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), "Let go, let god." It doesn't matter if you interpret this in a spiritual or secular way, letting go of congested, insecurity-driven

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