• #SelfCoaching - The two phases of weight mastery On March 21, 2019


    There are two phases to successful weight mastery: the losing phase and the keeping-it-off phase. Regardless of how successful you are in the losing phase, if you aren’t able to sustain your loss over time, it’s all for naught (although some might argue that m

  • #Selfcoaching - Over-controlling Anxious Parents On March 17, 2019


    Back around 1969, overly anxious, controlling parents began to be called “helicopter parents.” Helicopter parents have a tendency to hover over their

  • #SelfCoaching - Avoiding problems with life goals On March 15, 2019


    Life goals can become problems rather than solutions when driven by insecurity. Insecurity-driven goals are misguided goals that give meaning to the saying: be ca

  • #SelfCoaching - Your thoughts aren't just mental and why this matters if you're struggling On March 14, 2019


    If you struggle emotionally, here’s an important fact: learning changes the actual structure of your brain. Scientists call this neuroplasticity. Essentially, negative thinking changes your brain negat

  • #SelfCoaching - Over-controlling life isn't the answer, it's the problem On March 13, 2019


    If because of insecurity you’ve come to perceive danger in safe places, you’ve probably convinced yourself that in lieu of a strong sense of security,

  • #SelfCoaching - True happiness On March 12, 2019


    True happiness is an incorruptible attitude that exists independent of life’s circumstances. Living a fulfilled, happy life isn’t something you wish for--it’s something you choose! Starting

  • #SelfCoaching - Do you have a laundry list of unresolved problems? On March 11, 2019


    If diffuse, rather low-grade complaints are allowed to fester, they can lead to more serious emotional problems. But why wait for a depression to develop or for a

  • #SelfCoaching - Don't be a victim of toxic thinking On March 10, 2019


    According to Self-Coaching insecurity sets in motion a life of stress, characterized by our attempts to over-control our lives (i.e., worry, pessimism, compulsivi

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