• #ThinFromWithin – Losing Weight? The Danger of Mindless Eating On July 19, 2017


    With most habits and patterns of destructive eating, typically there’s some conscious awareness. However, with continued repetition, as these habits and pat

  • #Thin From Within - Mind-Tasting: It’s Not Just Mental On July 18, 2017


    When discussing the powerful impact that mind-tasting (i.e., a thought of a specific food enters your mind and you virtually begin to taste the food) has on destru

  • Self-#Coaching - Dark thoughts On July 18, 2017

    Why is it that the dark thoughts you have at three in the morning and nothing like your thoughts at three in the afternoon? Has to do with giving insecurity too much room to roam around in your mind.


  • Self-#Coaching - Are you a storm chaser? On July 17, 2017

    - Morris West got it right when he said, “If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never see the sunshine.” How many “sunshin

  • #Thin From Within - What are you waiting for? On July 15, 2017


    A patient told me she didn't want to waste six months trying to lose weight. That was six months ago. What about you? Whatever your challenge, six months from

  • #Thin From Within - When it comes to destructive eating we have many internal voices. On July 12, 2017


    There’s the voice of compulsion: I have to have chocolate!

    The voice of impulse and addiction: I must have that chocol

  • #Thin From Within - Why you can't trust your food thoughts On July 11, 2017

    We eat because our bodies want to be fed, and, more often than not, we eat because our minds want to be fed. Lifelong weight mastery begins by taking your life back from destructive eating habits, but simply interrupting old, destructive habits isn’t a prescription for

  • Self-#Coaching - Anxious? Stressed? Check out this article I wrote for the NY Daily News On July 11, 2017

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