• #SelfCoaching - Four words that can change your life
    On January 5, 2018

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    There are four words that can change your life. These four words happen to come from my friends at Alcoholics Anonymous who have many clever and engaging catchphrases such as "One Day at a Time" and "KISS--keep It Simple, Stupid." But in my estimation, none is more powerful than "Let go, Let God." I'd like to offer you a secularized version of this profound piece of wisdom. Specifically, from a Self-Coaching perspective this means to let go of the insecurity-driven thinking that's ruining and ruling your life and let "God" (i.e., to risk trusting your innate survival instincts and intuition).


    In order to extricate yourself from congested, insecurity thinking (which fuels all emotional struggle), you need to embrace, let-go-let-god as your mantra. The opposite, not letting go, is insisting on neurotically controlling life (i.e., worrying, ruminating, anticipating, etc.). Trying to compensate by over-controlling life is choosing a life of struggle, anxiety or depression.


    By handing yourself over to that in you which goes beyond the congested ego, you are allowing yourself to truly be reactive, spontaneous, and liberated. Granted it will take a leap of faith to trust that you will handle life as it unfolds (rather than incessantly worrying about the "what-ifs"), but with a bit of experimentation, you'll find that handling life as it unfolds is a natural, healthy alternative to mental congestion.


    Next time you find yourself spinning with ruminative doubts, worry, or fears, rather than trying to brace yourself for some future event (a conference with the boss, a root canal, etc.) try to Let Go, Let God and allowing your life to unfold in the present.


    With a willingness to risk a bit of self-trust, you'll find that you will handle life effectively, efficiently, and spontaneously. After all, you've handled thousands of challenges in the past, what makes you think you won't handle this one? You're a survival machine, you'll do fine if you just trust that you really can handle life...without neurotically anticipating it.



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