#SelfCoaching - What emotional struggle does to your brain


I often talk about the chemical depletion caused by a life driven by insecurity. The best way to think about the effects of chemical depletion is to think of your brain as a bucket containing the chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, etc.) responsible for your emotional balance. Imagine stress to be a metal punch capable of poking holes in the bottom of the bucket. A few holes created by life’s inevitable challenges and frustrations don’t pose a significant problem, as your brain is capable of replenishing this loss (hemostasis). But if stress becomes chronic, creating more and more holes poked in the bucket, in time, your body won’t be able to meet the demand, thereby creating chemical imbalances. This is why anxiety and depression are not “just in your mind.” They can, through a process of depletion, become whole body problems. And this is why medication that slows down this depletion works.