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justclaire 10-19-2017 04:52 PM

I just want to let you all know that recovery is possible. A few years back I frequented these boards out of desparation. I had suffered from anxiety and depression on and off for 20 years and believed i was doomed to suffer forever. Dr Joe's advice got me proactive in my recovery. Since then I have learned amazing skills that keep my emotional tool-kit topped up and have enabled me to reclaim happiness and joy in my life.!
I found my formula and I believe its a little different for each of us as we are unique ourselves.
Never give up peeps......your life is right there waiting for you to open up and receive it. KINDNESS ROCKS XX

Dr. Joe. 10-22-2017 01:59 PM

Thank you for sharing your journey with us
I canít tell you what your successful journey means to me. Thank you so much for your feedback and willingness to share and encourage others. I wish you continued and ongoing solace and happiness.

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