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Default Question about change

Hi Dr. Joe,

I have a question about changing. I have had anxiety most of my adult life. Sometimes I wish I could remember ďhow I feltĒ when I didnít have this problem yet. Since I was a child then and now Iím an adult, Iím sure it wonít be the same as it was then. I cannot ďpictureĒ what feeling good and normal will feel like (I do know what it wonít feel like Ė how I feel now!). For instance, if I had only had this problem for a short time, maybe a year or two, then I could think back to how I felt before I had it. But I think when you have had it so long, you really donít know how it feels to live without it. Maybe it is like starting a new life with new feelings, not really going back to any previous feelings. How will I know when Iíve reached my goal? I hope you can understand what Iím saying.
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