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Default Two Questions, Thank you!

I'm planning to buy a house and beginning to worry about how to buy a qualified one but not be defrauded, now I'm considering many factors of buying a home and feeling there is a mess in my head.

In fact, I'm in a good mood and clear-headed at this moment, now I can have a state which I call it "clear-headed" sometimes, in this state everything is simple and more easy as they don't controlled by mood and psychological problems, but I can only in this state for hours and not everyday, this always happens in the morning or after 6-8 hours of sleep or walking out my house to do something (buying something, dealing with something, etc) or something else (concentrating on studing something, etc), is this state the one that I call it Normal (means sound mind)? If it is, I'll try to keep myself in this state (I have found some methods), my question is because I never know what a sound mind should be, now it seems my subconsciousness is not certain about whether it is the healty and Normal(sound mind) state we have been pursuing.
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