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Default About these concepts (Self-doubt, Control...)

Dear Dr. Joe,

I can learn the meanings of the concepts below from dictionary, but I can't feel them, I don't know what exactly they are.
- Self-doubt (Self-coaching: The Five Essential Steps To Creating The Life You Want, vii, L18), when I do something and get a question in my head, I don't know whether I'm in self-doubt.
- Natural and spontaneous center (Self-coaching, viii, L6), how does a natural, spontaneous life feel like?
- Control (Self-coaching, viii, L9), probably I know what exactly it is, but sometimes I'm not so sure.
- Can-do (Self-coaching, viii, L24), what does Can-do refer to?
- An innate capacity for genuine happiness (Self-coaching, viii, L33), I do know how to make myself happy, but how can I know whether it's right or wrong to do these things? For example, I want to buy something, I want it from my heart and it makes me feel happy, should I give it up and save the money for better use such as for my future business. I always do things are good for my future, but don't do things that I want to do and like to do, now I think this is controlling life, am I right? How to apply the five steps of self-coaching to this problem?
- ineffectiveness (Self-coaching, ix, L5), what does this concept refer to?
- Lack of success (Self-coaching, ix, L5), is that mean if I have mental health then I can have success and why? Or is that mean when I have mental health I can choose the right goals of life and I will be a happy person, happy is success?

Thank you so much!
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