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Default Don't know how to live a normal life.

Don't know how to live a normal life, I mean I just eat too much, watch tv and play online game everyday, if I don't live life like that, what should I do? According to The Power Of Self-coaching, I know I'm avoiding life, now here is what I never know how to do, I'm avoiding life, then if I face my life, what should I do? I still have no idea where to begin, you've mentioned Choosing Happiness and Unleashing in The Power Of Self-coaching, is that mean if I face my life I should look into my heart to find out what can make me happy and should follow my heart to unleash myself first?

VERY IMPORTANT: Is Choosing Happiness and Unleashing the starting point of the five steps of self-coaching? I mean, if we use the five steps, how to know when to ues it? Are the moments we don't live life for happiness and don't unleash ourselves? Or are the moments we avoid our responsibilities? And how to separate responsibilities from control?

Thank you so much!
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