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Seems to me from your note that you've already come a long way toward the "maturity" that you say you were lacking. Maturity is synonymous taking responsibility for life's challenges. Since your separation, that's exactly what you've done! I think it's important for your girlfriend to know how much effort you've put into your maturation process. Your anxiety was related to the chaotic situation that you were both dealing with. When feeling out of control, we have a tendency to panic. The more that insecurity calls the shots, the more anxiety and panic one can expect.

I'm glad you've decided to read Self-Coaching, I believe you need to continue to grow and mature by defusing insecurity. With a Self-Coaching foundation, you should be able to insist on a healthier, more resilient attitude. Your girlfriend should be able to sense your newfound stability and maturity; together you need to help each other get through these tough times. The last thing either one of you should want would be to let insecurity (a.k.a., insecurity, fear, panic, negativity, etc.) prevent you from going forward. Stay positive and insist on continuing your efforts (for a bit of encouragement you may want to view a video I just made on optimism: I admire you tenacity, which I'm sure will show you the way toward a more secure relationship.

I do wish you well,
Dr. Joe


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