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Default About Happiness and Unleashing

Thanks for your reply! Here is one of my questions:

Question 1: About Happiness and Unleashing

Below are the contents from The Power Of Self-coaching:
1) let me introduce you to the only highway that really matters in life: the pursuit of happiness. (L27 to L28, P31, The Power Of Self-coaching)
2) if you're willing to trade control for spontaneity. The good news is that happiness is a natural, spontaneous human potential. All you need do is remove what's blocking it. Once you stop congesting your life with insecurity and control, a spontaneous and natural life-energy will introduce itself. (L30 to L34, P31, The Power Of Self-coaching)
3) Insecurity is like a leash that tethers you to a limited experience of life. Self-coaching is your method of unleashing and allowing happiness to spring forward. As with Coby, once you remove the leash of insecure thinking, everything else happens very naturally. Coby didn't have to be taught how to be exuberant.(L1 to L5, P33, The Power Of Self-coaching).

Below is my question:
Here is my result from the contents above: When I want to do something (want to do it from my heart but not based on the insecurity, but for me, to find what I really want is really hard at present.) -> Usually I will suppress myself (think too much, feel guilty, can't make decision, hesitate, etc.) because of the insecurity and control -> Then I can apply 2nd step of The Five Steps Of Self-Talk here (I don't know why I needn't 1st step, when do I need to apply 1st step?), use separating fact from fiction to know whether the worry is the fact -> If the worry is based on fiction, I will just do it (do what I want to do which I mentioned above) and let the worry go. Is this result right or wrong? Though I can understand the contents from the book above, but I don't know how to apply them, so I ask this question.

Thank you!
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