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Default Still About Happiness and Unleashing

Well, everytime I posted a question and got your reply (no matter whether it helped or not), it helps indeed, as these replies make my mind clear, so I can express what I think better. Here is my question: I don't know how to unleash and how to pursue happiness, now I know happiness is a natural, spontaneous human potential, but if I had done want I want to do: A) Having bought what I want (I have a habit to suppress myself and won't embarrass my parents, as my grandma tells me to be a good kid), chosen beautiful clothes, beautiful hairstyle and beautiful home (my parents didn't supply me a comfortable home to grow up in, although now I think every child deserve one, but I suppressed myself, and this suppression drove me crazy and I think it's one of the causes of my mental problems), which are all the natural tendency of girl, but not studying hard and reading many books (I had no interests in studying and reading at that time); B) Having chosen the college majors I like after graduating from high school but not choosing a popular one which is supposed to has a prospects; etc. This is what I've been wanting to ask, are the choices I made in the past completely wrong? how can I know the difference between unruly behavior and acceptable behavior? I really want to be free, I'm just not sure if I had made diffrent choices in the past, did that mean I was pursuing happiness and unleashing? I can't follow my heart to live, how can I know whether what I want to do are acceptable choices or control?

Thank you so much for your patience!
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