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Sometimes trying to think too hard about something can wind up tripping you up. It's like walking down steps, if you think too much about it (rather than just trusting and allowing your reflexes to handle it) you're apt to trip. I think, rather than focusing so much on how to release, you would be better of recognizing that eliminating insecurity-driven thinking is the key. Think of a beach ball being held under water. If you press down on the ball you can keep it submerged. If you remove your hands, what happens? The ball naturally shoots up and out of the water! Insecurity is what keeps our natural potential (the beach ball shooting out of the water) submerged. Release the insecurity-driven thinking and living and what happens? Your natural inclination for well-being can surface. You don't have figure out how to release, you need to chip away at what prevents this (i.e., the doubts, fears and negatives that feed insecurity).

Hope this helps,
Dr. Joe

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