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You raise an interesting question. Part of the problem in trying to define feelings is that everyone will give you a different interpretation of what happiness or self confidence feels like. It would be like ten people watching a sunset, each would describe it quite differently, but perhaps there would be a common thread of "appreciation" reflected in all the experiences. This is true when, for example, we try to describe a "normal" healthy mind, or self-confidence, etc. The thread that runs through these experiences, in my opinion, would be a relatively stress free, upbeat feeling of being able to handle life without unnecessary worry, apprehension, or anticipation. Essentially, self-confidence is a willingness to believe that we can handle what life throws at us. As for "normal-healthy," perhaps we can say that this might be described as a psychological resilience that simply trusts that we are able to handle life's challenges with confidence (i.e., willingness to believe) and optimism. Okay, all that said, let me now give you perhaps the most important point. As with all things psychological, if you over-think these experiences you might wind up congested with convoluted thoughts spinning through your head. As Justice Potter Steward once said of pornography, "You know it when you see it." Same goes for what's normal, healthy and confident, 'you know it when you feel it.' Try to relax and simply let life unfold—as they say at A.A., 'let go, let god.' To me, that's the surest way of finding solace and well-being.

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