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Default searching for help,from China

Dear Sir,

this is Ms.Yu from China,
in the year of 2012, the doctor told me that I got Moderate Anxiety.
I'm beening reading yr book self-coatching from last year.
and it helps me too much.w/ it, I train myself to fight w/ANXIETY.

in Sep. 2014, I read Inspirational book as per yr guide in yr book,
on the 2nd day,when I got up, I feel myself reborned.
and it seems that I overcome the Conditioned reflex of thinking.
but on the 3rd day, it's back again, and all are same as before.

then I know that if I can have confidence, the Conditioned reflex of thinking can be overcome.
I always remind myself that believe myself and love the life.

this year, I always feel powerlessness and helpless.
I try to push myself to go outside to Supermarket or any public area, in the purpose to train myself and increase self-confidence.
but up to now, I still can't accept an invitation for a party from my schoolmate.
I think I'm still constrain,so I don't want her to know that I got ANXIETY.
anyway, I'm delaying this invitation and do my best to meet w/her in Sep.

the condition is that I'm afried to meet somebody. most time I feel debility,and speak in small sound.
this feeling is just there, no cause form something or some body.
but I always encourage myself to prevent negative.

now I'm trying to search yr advice how to overcome the ANXIETY for ever.
thank u very much.
and waiting for yr reply.
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