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Originally Posted by todayoklw View Post
Taking checking the window everynight for over 10 times as an example, I can have 2 status:

The first status - if I don't close all of the windows, some unkown horrific things will happen, check the windows again and again and still feel something unfinished. My mind is weak, nagative and powerless in this mode.

The second status - Close the windows, in this progress what I'm thinking is completely diffrent with the frist status, in the whole progress I'm positive, dare to trust, it seems the world is full of newness and I'm eager to find what will happen next.

Do you mean the second mode is the right one?
'if I don't close all of the windows, some unkown horrific things will happen', this is self-doubt thinking, right?
In the second mode, I just follow the intuition and no self-doubt, this is self trust and confidence, right?

I want to rebuild my inside world, including self-trust/self-confidence/trust/security/and all of the important psychological characters, my problem is, if I don't have them I can't understand them through words and sentences, if I feel them from life, I can't make sure what I felt is self-confidence/self-trust/security/etc.:'(

Thanks for your reply.
Thank you so much for your patience.

Using your stroy as the example, how to know the man doesn't exist? I think THIS IS the problem of mine, I really think what I'm worried about are reasonable, they are facts, to seperate facts from fictions is really difficult to me, it seems I need a comparison to know the difference between them, or I already know their difference, as when I empty my mind (some kind of like meditation, I mean the function), at this moment, my head is clear-thinking, it seems I know what are facts, can I use this status as my comparison? I mean using the feeling in the clear-thinking status as the comparison, this feeling are facts.
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