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Default How to deal with this?

When I was a baby, my mom let me sleep on my back, this effects my head shape and face shape, and nomatter what I wear, it looks ugly, I feel regret, angry, depressed, hopeless, diffident, when I was 13 yrs old, I even thought my life was ruined. Nomatter how I comfort myself, the fact can't be changed, though I still try to find the a healthy and natural way to correct my head shape and face shape. I thought it's body dysmorphic disorder, but even so, the physical prolbem I mentioned above is not fiction, though the mood may be not fact, I just can't go through it. I've being so depressed. Nothing can compensate for my loss, sometimes, I can read the news of someone who got permanent damage by an accident, at that time I really can understand them, I know no one can really knows the regret and all kinds of emotional problems, I really want to have another chance to live, but I have not.

Thank you for helping me so many times!
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