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Default really need to know what a 'normal' mind should be

I really need to know what a 'normal' mind should be, your Self-coaching (5 steps) method works, but as I don't know the 'normal' status, so I can't understand the 1st and 2nd steps (can understand the words and sentences, but don't know how to apply them into my own problems, it seems I need to know the 'normal' status first, then I can have a comparison), I think I'm close to the sound mind, just need to conquer the question above, sometimes it seems I know the 'normal', but I can't make sure of it as I don't understand why I can make such big mistake (unhealthy mind) in the past 20 years, I doubt what I feel(the 'normal' one I mentioned above), I need to make sure the 'normal' one I felt is the one the self-coaching want to achieve. How can I describe my problem with applying the Self-coaching method, sometimes when I can empty my mind (after concentrating on something), in this moment I'm clear-thinking, is this status the 'normal' mind?

Thank you!
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