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Here are some examples:

- I want to buy some clothes -> begin to worry and begin to think what colour is right for me and what I should pay attention to -> feel tired/stressful, delay and finally give up. Just like you mention in the book, insecurity driven -> control. What will a person with security do? Wantting to buy clothes -> going and buying, is that it? In this case, I never know how other people will do.

- Being angry with my parents as their dereliction of duty in my childhood, if I have the balance of mind and have security, I will can find what I want in life/what life I want, then I just live a life happily and won't feel angry, is that it?

I can have lots of examples, the insecurity/bad habits/destructive thoughts/etc nearly work on everything I do/I think, I can imagine that I'm a self-confident/positive person (another me) and I can live life like this, but I'm not sure the 'another me' is the right one since the Nagative Me is the one I have from 11 yr old until now, I just want to make sure about it, so the 3rd, 4th and 5th steps of self-coaching are not difficult to me but the 1st and 2nd steps.

It seems my mind is weak (timid, hesitant, powerless, etc.), when I'm in this mode, what I do/think I don't feel are wrong as they're so resonable to me. How can I change completely? Now, I can beat the Nagative Me up and be the Positive Me, but I can't really accept the new one as I doubt it.
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