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Insecurity will always torment you, if you let it. Because of insecurity, you find yourself filled with self-doubt. Nothing seems to be good enough. Of course you want not to make mistakes, but insecurity keeps insisting that you "missed" something and you go over it again and again. I always say that most perfectionists don't want to be perfect, they just don't want to mess up. Being "perfect" eliminates the fears associated with making mistakes. Unfortunately, perfectionism leads to a very stressful lifestyle. Try recognizing that what's tripping you up is more likely your insecurity, insisting that you missed something or that what you did isn't good enough. I realize this may be hard to figure out, especially if you are feeling anxious with your expression, but you can at least begin to ask yourself, the next time you find yourself spinning with uncertainty, "Is my hesitation based on fear or fact." If it's fact, that it should be obvious what's awry with your work product. If it's insecurity/fiction, then it will just be a "feeling" that something's wrong. And feelings aren't facts. At first practice with small challenges designed to develop your self trust and confidence. Eventually, as your self confidence and trust develop, so too will your intuition to separate facts from fictions.

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