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Old 06-08-2014, 09:33 AM
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Default mindfulness meditation

Allo dr joe.
Yes i'm still here. I have been looking into meditation and mindfulness meditation focuses on the breathe. I am currently listening to a book called ' Mindfulness. The eight week program by Prof Mark Williams & Dr Danny Penman.
Its not really my thing but this audio book is really helpful and relates closely to many if your theories from what i have heard so far.
One thing i have let slip is celebrating every success and i think i know why. I keep getting Uti's and I guess feel my body is going against me..eg i cant be intimate with my partner when i see him( he lives 500 miles away) ... It will ruin our relationship and so the spiral goes on. I refer to your books and mantras often. I will get back to celebrating but also think you might find the above book an interesting read.:-) its not particularly acedemic like yourself but its accessible. C
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