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Old 09-16-2004, 05:10 PM
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Default Coping with the past

Dr. Joe, my best friend recently revealed to me crying while drunk, that she was raped when she was a little girl and that she had developed anorexia, now she's 17, i dont think she suffers from anorexia anymore as she has regular eating habits, but her memories still torment her, and she suffers a lot keeping this secret alone, she doesnt remember she told me and i think i should tell her that i know, to help her cope with it, to heal, but im not sure because i think this could embarrass her and change our relationship which i value very much, but it just broke my heart when i heard her story and i cant think of anything else since, i really need your help, because even if i do tell her i know, i want to help her but i dont know how, i need your advice, please i beg of you, help me! i would be eternally grateful. :cry:
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Old 09-17-2004, 01:48 PM
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There are many possibilities, but one that appeals to me would be to talk to your friend and mention that she was discussing her pain and struggles with you (you don't have to go into specifics). Here's the key, you need to encourage your friend to consider speaking with a mental health professional. Neiter you or I can effectively evaluate her struggle or what she's dealing with. I think it's important for someone to make this evaluation along with suggestions for treatment. Hopefully, your care and concern for your friend will be enough to convince her to take this important step.

Dr. Joe
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