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Old 10-24-2014, 10:43 PM
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Default After Self Coaching...

My girlfriend had a very difficult year with things such as moving, struggling with a new job, dead of her grandfather and a miscarriage that affected both of us. While she turned depressed I handled the situation in a bad way. My lack of maturity to recognize the symptoms and provide the adequate support made us go in different directions emotionally. This created an immense amount of anxiety in me with all of its elements that come with it. We decided to give us some time apart so that she can deal with her depression and I could overcome anxiety. It was affecting her been around my anxiety. We haven't talked in a while as we agreed and I spent my time learning and implementing your Self Coaching program. Im truly grateful for your insight. I went from wanting to die to been full of positive energy that someday I would like to bring into my relationship and demonstrate her that it doesn't has to be like before. She's getting professional help, but last time we spoke she said she was emotionally numb and confused. We decided to give us 2 months of space. Once its time to sit and talk, how could I provide her with the adequate support and make her feel secure and hopefully create a more stable relationship.

Im about to start reading your book: Reconnecting...

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