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Old 11-07-2014, 12:07 PM
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Default The sections of The Power Of Self-coaching I can't understand

Hello, Dr.Joe, it's me again =), thanks for all your reply, hope this time I can make myself clear, please see details below.

About Happiness and unleashing

- happiness is a natural, spontaneous human potential. (L32, P31, The Power Of Self-coaching)
a) When read this sentence, I think its meaning is that our body and heart knows what can make ourselves feel comfortable and joyful, but I'm not sure whether what I've learnt from this sentence is what you want to tell us.
b) Now, this natural human potential of mine is really weak, it's hard to me to know what can make me happy.

- Defining Personal Happiness: Unleashing (P32 - P34, The Power Of Self-coaching)
I think I also know the meaning of this section, but I really can't unleash myself completely, when I want to do something, I will think like this "Whether doing this is good for my whole lifetime/future or not, if not, I won't do it; and,no matter what I want to do I always have or need a standard of right or wrong to make judgement, these standards of right or wrong are my grandma asked me to follow or I learned them from books or something/someone else, until now I've got a lot of mental problems, then I realize the biggest mistake is that I didn't follow the natural, spontaneous human potential of mine, but how can I make right decisions in my life?

Thank you!
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happiness, unleashing

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