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2022, let’s talk evolutions rather than resolutions!

In this Self-Coaching episode, Lauren and I discuss a better approach to making new year’s resolutions. Now that it’s 2022 if you’re like most people, you’ve probably come up with a few new year’s resolutions. And why not, the new year brings with it an expectation of wiping the old slate clean and starting anew. We all like fresh starts. And as optimistic as you might be, don’t be blinded by short-sighted, wishful thinking.

In order to have those resolutions come to fruition, you need to recognize that unless you change your mind, you can’t expect your goals to be realized. If you really, really  want to succeed this year, understand that it all boils down to self-discipline.

And you build self-discipline by willfully enduring the transient discomfort of changing who and what you are. You’re not born with self-discipline you acquire it!  

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