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A better way to cope with covid 19

Yeah, I know it’s hard to stay level-headed with all the hype and hysteria going around. Managing your imagination is an important component in handling this epidemic. As I counsel my anxious patients, I explain that I choose to embrace an “as-if” optimism. I go on ‘as-if’ everything is going to be okay. And no, I’m not burying my head in the sand of denial; I wash my hands, do the elbow bump, and cough into my elbow—I’m concerned.

Concern, however, is not the same as worry. Buckling your seat belt, for example, is a prudent “concern,” whereas worrying about getting into an accident isn’t. I defy anyone to challenge me as to why fearing doom-and-gloom is more advantageous than my ‘as-if’ optimism. As far I’m concerned, I do believe everything is going to be okay. Based on all my life experiences I’m willing to risk trusting that, ‘this too shall pass.’ So rather than “what-if,” try adapting an “as-if” optimism.

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