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A Self-Coaching prescription for losing weight

We eat because our bodies want to be fed, and, more often than not, we eat because our minds want to be fed. Lifelong weight mastery begins by taking your life back from destructive eating habits, but simply interrupting old, destructive habits isn’t a prescription for successful weight loss. Only when you replace destructive habits with more appropriate, healthy habits can you switch your efforts from vigilance to autopilot.

It’s okay to become a skeptic of your own thoughts when you hear yourself lamenting, “I just want to have one more cookie, I’ll be good tomorrow.” You are going to need to stay vigilant, skeptical of self-sabotaging rationalizations and other deceptions until habit re-formation is part of your new life. Please keep in mind, the discomfort (longing, etc.) is temporary…it will pass. Accept and handle these transient discomforts and you will be ensuring a life of weight loss master

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