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Are you allowing COVID19 to define your day?

There’s no doubt that as our hair grows longer and the polish on our finger nails fades, our once normal lives have become hijacked by COVID19. We Humans are creatures of habit, it’s what makes us feel secure. When everything that was normal becomes turned on its ear, we invariably become unsettled…anxious. But, before resigning yourself to just “getting through” another day of living with the uncertainty and fear, recognize what you’re doing—you’re conceding that today won’t be an opportunity for anything worthwhile.

Stop feeling like a victim. Victims are helpless—you are NOT helpless. Rather than being passive about all this, actively insist on opening yourself up to the awareness that every day–in spite of any external limitation–is an opportunity, an adventure. Don’t allow COVID19 to define you!

If you hear yourself saying, “I can’t,” ask, “Who’s saying I can’t. Is it me, my healthy voice, or is it my insecurity?” Just asking this question puts you in a position to have a choice. And since you have a choice, why in the world would you choose the voice of insecurity? Instead, dig your heels in and choose your healthy, courageous voice. You won’t regret it.

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