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Are you inadvertently prolonging your emotional struggle?

In this Self-Coaching podcast, I respond to an email from a listener outlining her long-standing emotional struggles with explosive anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

I’m introducing this format of responding to specific questions sent to me in order to provide you with a real-life application of Self-Coaching. I hope to give you a more direct glimpse as to how Self-Coaching can be applied directly to everyday struggles. Whether it’s anger, depression, anxiety, or hopelessness, the path to liberation isn’t as complicated as you may think.


If you would like me to respond to your specific struggle in an upcoming podcast, you can email me at,, or through the ‘contact’ section of my website: Of course, your identifying information will be kept anonymous. Please note that my podcasts are not meant to be a substitute for clinical intervention; they are meant to be educational and informative.

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