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Are your life goals misguided?

Life goals can become problems rather than solutions when driven by insecurity. Insecurity-driven goals are misguided goals that give meaning to the saying: be careful what you wish for, because it might come true.

Simply put, any goal that is driven by insecurity is all about trying to control or compensate some aspect of your life. And controlling life will never give you the ultimate fulfillment you seek.

Although there can be an extensive array of misguided goals, I’ve come to recognize three major culprits:

1. Money–the accumulation of money, which is equated with security and happiness

2. Power–the quest for power and potency, which is equated with invulnerability

3. Status–the compulsion for status, which is equated with intimacy, being loved, admired and respected

The quests for money, power, and status can all be expressed directly through your behavior. When, for example, insecurity drives your desire to own a Rolls-Royce, this behavior (owning a Rolls) can be an expression of what money can buy, a feeling of power, a status symbol, or a combination of all three.

Starting today, ask yourself, what are my goals. Then take it a step further and ask, Why?

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