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Becoming more effective by saying goodby to procrastination

In this Self-Coaching episode, Lauren and I ask why we spend so much time procrastinating? One reason is because living effectively in the present requires responsible, here-and-now action. It’s a lot easier–and effortless–to imagine taking responsible action, later…or in a few minutes…or tomorrow. Truth is, there will never be a better “now” for purposeful action. In fact, there will never be anything other than “now.” When the future does come, it will only be your new “now.” Therefore, if not “now,” when?  

And do keep in mind that procrastination can become a habit and like any habit if you reinforce it with wimpy compliance, it will grow stronger. Just keep in mind that self-discipline is also a habit. The more you define your goals and stick with them, the stronger your self-discipline muscle becomes. So let me ask again, if not now, when?

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