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Book Thin From Within

Unlearning Anxiety & Depression: A 4-step Self-coaching Program To Reclaim Your Life


What if everything thought you knew about anxiety and depression was wrong? What if, instead of mental illnesses or emotional disorders, anxiety and depression are simply habits? You already know about habits—habits are learned and habits can be broken or—“unlearned.” This idea may surprise you, but the truth about anxiety and depression isn’t complicated. This book will teach you to unlearn your habits of anxiety and depression—and then coach yourself to do it! Dr. Joseph Luciani presents his proven Self-Coaching approach that has worked wonders for his patients as well as thousands of readers worldwide. Using a powerful, four-step, Mind-Talk strategy, Unlearning Anxiety & Depression combines the science of neuroplasticity with cognitive behavioral psychology and motivational coaching so you can self-coach yourself back to health.

Self-Coaching is all about insight and action. You’ll learn to:

● Stop worrying, anticipating and controlling life.

● Start living more spontaneously from a place of self-trust

● Separate facts from insecurity-driven emotional fictions.

 ● Develop critical awareness of your inner neurotic dialogue.

Joseph J. Luciani, Ph.D., is the author of the internationally bestselling Self life Coaching series now translated into ten languages. As a frequent lecturer, TV and radio guest, he has brought his message of hope to millions over the years. Dr. Luciani, a clinical psychologist, has been in general private practice for over forty years.

Book Thin From Within

The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety
and Depression

The simple, untold truth about anxiety and depression is that they are habits of insecurity–and like all habits, they can be broken. In the second edition of his book on dealing with anxiety and  depression, Dr. Joseph Luciani presents his proven approach that has worked wonders for his patients as well as readers from around the world (now translated in nine languages). Whether you struggle with worrisome thoughts, panic, depression, or compulsions, Self-Coaching shows you how to stop feeding these habits.

Combining training exercises for overcoming negative thought patterns with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, Self-Coaching shows you how to change your way of thinking and develop a healthy, adaptive way of living. 

Book Thin From Within

The Five Essential Steps to Creating
the Life You Want

Nobody is born insecure, angry, bored, or depressed. The fact is, happiness is our natural state and, as psychologist Dr. Joseph J. Luciani explains in this warm, witty, and empowering guide, chronic unhappiness is just a bad habit–a habit that can be broken.

It’s much easier than you think! Based on Dr. Luciani’s thirty-five years of experience helping patients unlearn reflexive, destructive thinking, The Power of Self-Coaching arms you with all the tools you need to free yourself from your mental and emotional traps. As you work through the many self-quizzes, training and coaching exercises, and Power Drills, you’ll see yourself anew and feel yourself growing lighter, more spontaneous and ready to take charge of your life.


Book Thin From Within

The Powerful Self-Coaching Program for Permanent Weight Loss

Tired of your weight swinging up and down? Do you find it difficult to stick to a diet? You’re not alone. Every day, millions of people battle temptation as they try to drop unwanted pounds. For those who succeed, a whopping 80 percent quickly pack the weight back on. “Thin from Within: The Powerful Self-Coaching Program for Permanent Weight Loss” delves into the root causes and reveals that diets alone (whether counting calories or controlling carbs) simply don’t work. Why? Because lasting results have less to do with what you eat, and everything to do with why you eat it.

To lose weight and keep it off, you’ve got to retrain your brain. In the pages of “Thin from Within”, psychologist Joseph J. Luciani explores the emotional triggers and ingrained habits driving overindulgence, and then shares simple self-coaching techniques proven to control cravings and break the yo-yo cycle of self-sabotage.

Book Thin From Within

A Self-Coaching Solution to
Revive Your Love Life

What kind of animal are you? Are you a tiger or a turtle? How about a peacock? Maybe a little bit of everything? In Reconnecting, you’ll find out how your animal personality and your partner’s lie at the center of the conflicts that plague your relationship. These animals represent habits of behavior we use to defend ourselves and hide our insecurities in relationships. Understanding them and breaking the habits that are characteristic of your personality type are key to transforming your relationship from a constant series of struggles into a loving partnership.

Dr. Joseph Luciani explains how to put Self-Coaching to work to break these habits and make your relationship better, even if you must begin the process on your own with a reluctant partner. With clear, prescriptive advice and analysis as well as stories of Dr. Luciani’s work with couples who successfully overcame bitter conflicts and developed loving committed relationships, this unique and invaluable resource is a powerful tool for anyone dealing with such issues.

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