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Can’t stop worrying? Try my pink elephant technique

From time to time, we all worry. Right? Sometimes however, our worry-thoughts just keep spinning and spinning in spite of our best intentions to stop. It’s as if worrying has a mind of its own. This isn’t far from the truth. Insecurity does have a voice; it’s the hand-wringing, what-iffing voice of chaos. If we passively yield to that voice, we do become powerless.

In this Self-Coaching episode, I suggest my simple, “pink elephant” technique, that will show you how to interrupt the flow of worrisome ruminations, proving that when it comes to worrying, we do have a choice. We can choose to step apart from reflexive, neurotic worry-thinking and replace it with a more moderate mature voice that deals with life’s facts rather than our insecurity-driven fictions. Think “pink!”

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