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Change can be difficult

Some of you may remember the 2004 book, All I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten. Read this email from my daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, to her students and see if it doesn’t apply to you as well. Some messages are timeless and ageless, this is one of them.

”Change: it can be risky, it can be difficult. It can also be beautiful and it will always show you more of yourself.”

A lot of emotions come up when we experience change. Sometimes it feels new and exciting and other times change can feel scary and unknown. It is okay to feel any and all emotions, in fact it is important to allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Once you have allowed yourself to feel, gently guide your thoughts towards all the beautiful gifts that the new situation gives you. Practice gratitude for the safe home you live and learn in, for the teachers who continue to find ways to keep learning fun and interesting even when we are not physically together, and for the quality time you have been given to spend with your family. Yes, change can be difficult but it can also be beautiful.

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