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Coronavirus: STOP IT! DROP IT!

The coronavirus, unfortunately, is a fact of life and the media isn’t helping by fueling our fears with images of grocery store shelves depleted of everything from Clorox wipes to toilet paper, people wearing surgical masks and hazmat suits. Truth is that some insecurity is inevitable. Insecurity-—the fear of vulnerability—is the motor behind hesitations, doubts and a growing groundswell of hysteria.

One thing you need to know is that succumbing to insecurity is a choice. Perhaps not a conscious choice; oftentimes it’s more of a passive acceptance leaving us feeling nervous, apprehensive, or anxious.

Rather than passively allowing yourself to buy into all the fears associated with this virus, choose to have an “Active Mind.” Start by implementing a mantra of, “Stop it! Drop it! Every time you find yourself drifting toward panic, tell yourself—Stop it! Drop it! What you’re doing is “actively” and courageously interrupting your emotional passivity. It will take a bit of practice, but the simple act of trying to live more courageously will begin to give you a sense of empowerment. Choose to be empowered.

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