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Covid19: Who says you can’t be optimistic?

Clearly these are uncertain times as we anxiously wait for good news that the “curve is beginning to flatten.” No one can predict the future. This is true, but you can predict how you’re going to feel today. Let me explain.

If you courageously live each day according to an optimistic adherence that, “everything is going to work out,” you are doing something vitally important right now—you are freeing yourself not to be shackled by pessimistic projections of doom-and-gloom. Keep in mind that optimism releases energy and enthusiasm while pessimism suppresses energy and enthusiasm.

During these challenging times, having energy and enthusiasm for living is critical. Optimism opens the door for, being creative, exploring all the gems available on YouTube, planning a hobby for when things revert back to normal, getting in shape or adhering to a dietary goal. Optimism frees you to open up to life. Why in the world would you choose to be pessimistic? Starting today RISK optimism! You won’t regret it.

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