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Deconditioning: a Self-Coaching solution for People who worry all the time

It just seems that no matter how much you try to anticipate, control, or manipulate life…there’s always something! Whether it’s a cracked pipe in the basement, inflation woes, or an infestation of ants crawling in your kitchen—it’s always something…always one more thing to worry about.

If you worry all the time or too much of the time, don’t think you’re going to find solace or serenity by worrying or “what-iffing.” That’s not the answer, in fact, it’s the problem. We get duped into thinking that we “have to” worry in order to be safe from life’s challenges–it’s as if worrying has a mind of its own. Truth is, worry does have a mind of its own and you are its passive victim. Join me in this Self-Coaching episode, as I expose worrying for what it is and, more importantly, how to decondition the habit of worrying, liberating yourself from the neurotic stranglehold it has on your life.

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