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Do you have a hard time saying ‘no’?

Do you have difficulty saying no? Are you a “pleaser”? A “yes” person? If so, you must recognize that you’re being held hostage by a long-standing habit of insecurity. You find it so hard because if we please someone, it will be much safer than if we displease them. Maybe you don’t want someone getting angry with you, or perhaps you don’t want to disappoint them. Or maybe you don’t want to feel guilty. Whatever the reason, pleasing others at your expense isn’t a free lunch–you pay an emotional price for suppressing your needs.

Isn’t it time to stop beating yourself up and feeling frustrated because you wind up doing someone else’s bidding? In this Self-Coaching podcast, I explore why we have such difficulty standing up for our needs and why it’s critically important to understand how to become more assertive. Being assertive isn’t synonymous with being aggressive; it’s simply and effectively taking care of your own needs. Yes, you can!

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