Do You Have An Avoidant Personality? If so, you may be a “turtle”

In my books, I refer to people who try to side-step or avoid life, as Turtles. When life becomes threatening, turtles pull themselves into their protective shells. What about you? Are you building shells right now?
In order for any behavior to be considered “turtle-avoidant,” it must be an attempt to avoid some aspect of life in order to feel more in control.
As a general rule, any excessive/compulsive behavior should be questioned as a possible deflection or avoidance of life. Here are a few common examples: emotional withdrawal; social isolation; shyness; Internet overuse; compulsive eating; use of alcohol and other drugs; gambling; overworking; excessive or compulsive pursuit of a hobby; excessive TV watching; listening to music; reading; hypochondria (i.e., illness-focused withdrawal)
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