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Eliminating emotional struggle doesn’t have to be complicated.

When we struggle, we often feel overwhelmed, confused, and unable to find the solace that has been snatched from us. When patients enter therapy, they often have no clue why they can’t stop their incessant, anxious worrying or snap out of a depressed mood that clouds their lives. In this Self-Coaching episode, I offer a way out—a way to untangle neurotic, habituated habits that prevent true happiness.

The Self-Coaching solution is straightforward and rather simple. Rather than trying to make heads or tails of your struggles from a ‘macro’ level, where everything is a frustrating jumble of swirling thoughts and emotions, the key is to cultivate a micro-level approach, one that breaks down struggle into its elemental, understandable components. And from the micro—one thought at a time level—you no longer have to be fishing for answers as you begin to tackle even the most entrenched, insecurity-driven habits—habits that are ruining and ruling your life. You know about habits; all habits are learned, and ALL habits can be broken. Even neurotic ones.

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