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Emotional solace can begin today

Yesterday and tomorrow’s woes are merely mental concepts that take up space
in your mind. Do you feel crowded? mentally congested? If so, then learning to
live in the present moment of your life can be truly liberating!

Do keep in mind that anxiety and depression disappear when you’re
“present.” How does this happen? Think about it, anxiety is all about
“what-iffing,” which is always about the future (i.e., leaving the
present). Depression is about imploding into darker thoughts and regrets, which
pull you away from the pristine moment into past regrets and future
hopelessness (i.e., leaving the present). Anxiety and depression require
cognition—thinking, ruminating, while being present…well, it’s being immersed
in the moment as it exists separate from any mental contamination. Truly a
place of liberation.

Clearly, you can’t be present every moment of every day, however, with practice
you can begin to find more escape from the reflexive thoughts of insecurity
that have become your habit. And who knows, with a practice of being present,
perhaps you’ll soon be able to tip the balance from emotional struggle to
emotional solace.

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