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Emotional struggle: why we torture ourselves

In this Self-Coaching episode, I want to help you demystify your thoughts, especially the neurotic, torturous thoughts that lead to emotional struggle. It begins by depersonalizing your insecurity-driven thinking, understanding that these aren’t your thoughts—well, not consciously intended thoughts—they’re nothing more than iterations of the same-old-same-old promptings of your habit of insecurity. Insecurity, not you, is instigating, promoting, and delivering these neurotic thoughts to you. And as long as you remain a passive receiver of these thoughts, you will be affected and you will suffer.

I realize it sounds rather bizarre to suggest that you aren’t feeding yourself neurotic thoughts, but how could this be otherwise when you hear people saying, “I know my thoughts are crazy, but I just can’t stop them,” or “I have everything to live for, I’m so blessed, why do I have these dark thoughts?” The reason is because your habit of insecurity is feeding these thoughts to your conscious mind and you’re reacting to them as if they’re your thoughts. They’re not!

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