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Grieving and finding purpose after the loss of a child

In this episode of Self-Coaching, Lauren and I discuss a very difficult topic that eventually affects everyone of us—grief and grieving. We were joined by Julie Balay, a registered dietitian/nutritionist and board-certified sports dietitian, who specializes in eating disorders, sports nutrition, and weight management.


Her greatest gift has been being a mom to her two sons, Ryder, 15, and Chase, who died from a rare brain tumor almost four years ago. Chase would have been 14 this week.


Although we all have a tendency to side-step issues of death and dying, there is a need, in spite of our psyche’s inability to comprehend the death of a loved one, to somehow make sense of our loss. Julie tells us her story, her struggle, and most importantly her ongoing efforts to reclaim a sense of meaning, passion, and purpose to her life.

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