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How are you “choosing” to feel today?

Did it ever occur to you that what you’re feeling right now is a choice? Okay, perhaps not completely your choice, I realize we don’t choose to feel stressed or anxious. But we do control to what extent we allow ourselves to remain stressed and panicked. If you don’t know this, then you’re probably feeling victimized.

Recognize that in order for fears and anxiety to take root, you have to indulge the thoughts associated with these perceptions. Next time you’re feeling victimized or helpless, recognize a few simple truths: you can choose patience, you can choose perseverance, but most importantly, you can choose not to be powerless to your thoughts. When it comes to ruminative thoughts of doom-and-gloom, try my Self-Coaching mantra: Stop it! Drop it! And be sure to say it like you mean it because a wimpy conviction will lead to wimpy results.

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